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Island King Records: Photos


The man himself...ASTON "FAMILYMAN" BARRETT!
ISLAND KING RECORDS newest recording artist...RASBAWA!
Liston-Bernie and Freddie McGregor!
Liston Bernie and Maxi Priest
Liston-Bernie and the one and only SANCHEZ! Hey! ...$%#@! happens!
Liston Bernie and Duane Stephenson
Liston-Bernie on organ!
Pic1 of the performance on Dub Obsession CD!
Ras Beeble on Piano and Synth
The fabulous Conrad Lehfeldt on flute!
Grasshopper of Inner Visions Band on guitar!
"'s an honor..."-Grasshopper of Inner Visions
Bongo, wicked drummy!
Look out! Grasshopper on drums?!
Rasta!...front and center!
Can't have enough fans!
Tooo much of a good time?
The Reggae "Generation Bridge"!