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Island King Records: Press/Reviews


Reviewer: Dawn Calder

Loving this cd from Aston family man Barrett, very mellow and beautiful versions of Bob Marleys classics. Also LOVING Aston's other album "Legendary Wailers in dub" which inspired me to seek more of his talent out, both lift you into the clouds to float away....definately irie!!!
Dawn Calder - CD (Jan 22, 2005)
Homeland Reggae !!

Perhaps one of the BEST reggae albums independent or otherwise i have ever heard !! ITES!!
Ras Richard I - CD Baby (May 12, 2006)
Look out Lucky Dube, Alha Blondy!
This is what we've been needing to hear from Africa! All the traditional elements of African music work beautifully to create a genuine roots reggae sound! This is definitely on par with the African Reggae giants!
Heinz Fluhler - Cd Baby (May 12, 2006)